I was born in London where I have lived for most of my life.

I’ve learnt to draw and paint from practice, short courses and from a few significant others including my Mother. I now devote most of my time to my painting. When I’m not doing that, I run my own business as an executive coach and coach supervisor. My degrees and diplomas are all in psychology and in coaching.

Initially working in watercolour and pastel, I was introduced to oils by Anne Rooke. Under her tutelage I began working on a large scale both in the studio and the field. I have attended a life class for many years with Erica Cumming and have also participated in Jason Bowyer’s studio and various courses at the Prince’s Drawing School. Most recently, I have been encouraged by Robin Child to work with greater abstraction.

I am aware of all these influences in my work. I am attracted by patterns and like to keep things simple using clear, clean colours.

I won the Conté Pastel Award in the Britain’s Painters Exhibition in 1992. I had my first exhibition market with my Mother in Kent several years ago, and have since exhibited with the Rye Tuesday Painters, at Shepherds and at home. My paintings can also be found in private collections.

About Me